Sevenoaks Calendar 2020

My Sevenoaks Calendar for 2020 is ready! 

(I also do Otford, Shoreham, Tonbridge, one of the whole of Kent and one full of Fabulous Flowers).

Calendars are A3 when open to hang up, and fold to A4 for posting/storage.  They are wiro-bound for ease of turning over, and are hole-punched ready for hanging up.  There is plenty of space for writing under each date.  Read more info here if you wish. 

So here are the images I have chosen for my Sevenoaks Calendar for next year – my 5th year!  All suit the month they are for, show a variety of views in and around Tonbridge, and are all different to previous years’ versions.  There is a link to the shop page to get your order in at the bottom of this page, or you can go straight to it now!


Photo of an icy lake at Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve in the snow, by Jane Mucklow
January 2020: Snow and ice at Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve



Photo of the road to Ide Hill in the snow, by Jane Mucklow

February 2020: The road to Ide Hill, snow and sunshine



Photo of a sunset over the sheep fields between Sevenoaks and Dunton Green, by Jane Mucklow

March 2020: Sunset over the sheep fields, between Sevenoaks and Dunton Green



Photo of the Spring flowers at the Vine Gardens, Sevenoaks, by Jane Mucklow

April 2020: Spring flowers at the Vine Gardens, Sevenoaks



Photo of the bluebells at Riverhill Gardens, by Jane Mucklow

May 2020: Bluebells at Riverhill Himalayan Gardens, Sevenoaks



Photo of the view towards Bough Beech Reservoir, by Jane Mucklow

June 2020:  View towards Bough Beech Reservoir from Ide Hill



Photo of Sevenoaks Allotments by Jane Mucklow

July 2020: Sevenoaks Allotments, summer flowers



Photo of the Lone Tree view from Otford towards Sevenoaks, by Jane Mucklow

August 2020: The Lone Tree summer view from Otford towards Sevenoaks



Photo of the Autumn view across the fields from Seal Chart, Sevenoaks, by Jane Mucklow


September 2020: Early Autumn view from Seal Chart towards Kemsing



Photo of Chipstead Common, Autumn trees, by Jane Mucklow


October 2020: Autumn trees, Chipstead Common, Sevenoaks



Photo of a winter sunset over Chipstead Lake, Sevenoaks, by Jane Mucklow

November 2020:  Winter sunset over Chipstead Lake, Sevenoaks



Photo of Sevenoaks Vine in the snow, by Jane Mucklow

December 2020: Sevenoaks Vine in the snow, and with a winter sunset


So there we are, all twelve images in the Sevenoaks 2020 Calendar.  Which month is your favourite?  

Any of these photographs are also available as prints, framed prints, or canvases, and as greetings cards.  Just let me know if you’d like to order any, and I will sort that out for you.



Click here, to order your Sevenoaks 2020 calendar!

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Sevenoaks Calendar 2020
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