Photo of pinky-white aquilegia flowers by Jane Mucklow, Photo Wall Art header page image

Picture this…  you walk into your home, and are surrounded by a sense of calm and peacefulness, soft and delicate colours, elegant furnishings, co-ordinating attractive accessories, pretty fresh flowers, a welcoming smell of coffee and cake. 

Even if you just wish your home was like that, it still needs finishing off with beautiful images on the walls…  My photographic prints and canvases are an affordable way to add a touch of luxury to your home. 

“The canvas arrived yesterday and it’s AMAZING thank you” – Linda, canvas print order

Whether you pick a huge statement piece, a single or a series of smaller images, they make stunning wall art, update your room décor, inspire, evoke memories, and just brighten up your home (even if the rest of it isn’t quite yet as interior designed as you hope it will be one day).  Or choose your favourite and let it inspire you to decorate the rest of your room too!

Photograph of the view looking across fields of lavender on a farm in the Kent countryside, with a sunset sky, by Jane Mucklow Photography

So now you just need to decide if you would prefer fabulous flowers or lovely landscapes?

Settle down with a cup of tea (cake, biscuit or chocolate? Usually chocolate for me!), have a browse of the gallery pages in the Print Shop/links below, and choose something you love.  Order, and just a few days later, you’ll be able to display it – or even them? – in your home to enjoy every day (and show them off to your visitors).

Just click on any of the gallery photos and it takes you straight to the purchase page with size and price info.

Before buying you can check out the Testimonials page for reassurance too: I aim to provide you with super customer service, to help you delight in the experience, from choosing and buying, to receiving, unwrapping and enjoying your new pictures.  

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If you have any queries, send me an email / fill in the form on the Contact Me page and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

 Examples of framed prints and canvas prints by Jane Mucklow Photography, including lavender, magnolia, poppies.

Gallery for Lovely Landscapes page image

Gallery for Kent Landscapes page image

Gallery for Fabulous Flowers page image

Gallery for Black and White photos page image

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