Favourite Photos of 2023 + Review of the Year

I love looking back at these blogs, so here are some of my favourites to show you too!   I hope you enjoy a little browse through this year’s collection…  


As before, to remind future me, 2023 was the year of King Charles’ coronation, continuing conflict in Ukraine, conflict between Israel and Gaza, a whole year of the same prime minister, the Barbie movie, almost recession/cost of living crisis/soaring petrol, food and power costs…

2023 was the year we went to the caravan in Cornwall at Easter again, and then had ten days camping in Jersey in the summer followed by the bank holiday weekend in the Lake District to climb Scarfell Pike.  It was the year of Child 3 starting secondary school, Child 1’s GCSEs (she did amazingly well) and starting sixth form, and Child 2 being stuck in the middle!  We had a small heat wave in about June, and the rest of the year has been rather wet and miserable!  

It was a year of not taking as many photos as I would have liked, and I am determined to make more time next year! South East Open Studios was very quiet, but most fairs were quite busy, even the village ones despite wind in the summer and rain at the Christmas one!   Puzzles and calendars have still gone well too 🙂 


Winter 2023:


Photo by Jane Mucklow of a frosty sunrise at Barden Lake, Tonbridge

A beautiful very cold and frosty sunrise at Barden Lake just outside Tonbridge, January 2023.




Photo by Jane Mucklow of water at sunrise, Barden Lake, Tonbridge - using ICM (intentional camera movement)


I had some fun trying some ICM (intentional camera movement) on the water that same cold morning! Love the soft colours of this one –  Barden Lake, Tonbridge, Kent, January 2023.




Photo by Jane Mucklow of oak tree branches at Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve

From a wander on my birthday!  Looking up at oak tree branch patterns, with the sunlight catching some of the branches and the last few Autumn leaves – Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve, January 2023.




Photo by Jane Mucklow, impressions of hazel branches and catkins at sunset in my back garden, using ICM

End of January – impressions of the catkins on the hazel tree at sunset, in my back garden, ICM again – January 2023.



Photo by Jane Mucklow, purple crocus, Sevenoaks

February, and I finally went and photographed the mass of crocus along the side of the A25, Sevenoaks, February 2023.



Photo by Jane Mucklow, sunlight and stormy sky over Knockholt churchyard

I was photographing the snowdrops in the churchyard in Knockholt, when for a few brief minutes there was some gorgeous light and the sun shining on the tree against the stormy sky behind, just lovely – Knockholt church, February 2023.



Photo by Jane Mucklow, twig of blackthorn blossom, Lullingstone Country Park

Photo by Jane Mucklow, twig covered in yellow lichen, Lullingstone Country Park

Two contrasting images from the Beginners Landscape Photography workshop & walk I ran in March, a sprig of blackthorn blossom and a twig covered in yellow and pale green lichen – Lullingstone Country Park, March 2023.




Spring 2023:

Photo by Jane Mucklow, cloudy sky and boats in the harbour at Coverack in Cornwall

Not so much sunshine in Cornwall this year!  (See last year’s photos for blue skies!!)  Still lovely colours though – Coverack Harbour, Coverack, Cornwall, April 2023



Photo by Jane Mucklow, cloudy sky with a bit of sunshine, and boats in the harbour at St Ives harbour in Cornwall

A bit more light and more ‘Cornish’ colour, the harbour at St. Ives this time – Cornwall, April 2023



Photo by Jane Mucklow, surfers in the sea at sunset, waves rolling in, sand in the foreground, at Porthtowan beach in Cornwall

Sunset and surfers in the sea, Porthtowan beach – Cornwall, April 2023




Photo by Jane Mucklow, path through the bluebell woods, with sun shining through the trees, Andrews Wood near Shoreham, Kent

Photo by Jane Mucklow, spring green leaves, glowing against a dark wood background, Andrews Wood near Shoreham, Kent

Two contrasting images from a wander around Andrews Wood near Shoreham, Kent – path through the bluebells with sun shining through the trees, and then glowing spring green leaves – Andrews Wood, Kent, April 2023



Photo by Jane Mucklow, blossom tree next to a white boarded pretty cottage with pale blue window frames in Shoreham, Kent

Photo by Jane Mucklow, blossom trees on the green at Knockholt, Kent

Still loving blossom.  A pretty cottage in Shoreham (made the front cover of the 2024 Shoreham calendar, and is next on the list for a new puzzle design!).  Followed by blossom trees on the green at Knockholt – Kent, April 2023. 



Photo by Jane Mucklow, blossom tree in the front gardens of Tonbridge School, Tonbridge, Kent, branches overhanging a blossom covered path

Another blossom photo because this tree is so beautiful covered in huge blooms, and the ground below! – Tonbridge School, Tonbridge, Kent, May 2023. 




Photo by Jane Mucklow, field of blue flax flowers, Shoreham, Kent, the foreground in focus and flowers out of focus in the background

Had a nice morning walk up the valley when dog sitting for a friend, and found a field of gorgeous blue flax flowers – Shoreham, Kent, May 2023.




Summer 2023:


Photo by Jane Mucklow, boats in a harbour beyond the pier in Jersey

I didn’t take many on the camera on our holiday in Jersey, but here’s one of the harbour nearest our campsite, with France is on the horizon!  A bit of sunshine makes the colours feel like Cornwall.  – Jersey, August 2023.



Photo by Jane Mucklow, ICM photo of Poole Harbour at sunset from the ferry, blurred sea in the foreground, a darker stripe of land, and sunset sky above

I love the colours in this one and how well it worked: I tried some ICM from the ferry home of the sunset and sea as we came into Poole Harbour – Jersey to Poole ferry, August 2023.



Autumn 2023:


Photo by Jane Mucklow, spiders web covered in dew drops, shining against a dark green background

Dewdrops on a spiders web, on a foggy morning – Sevenoaks, September 2023.



Photo by Jane Mucklow, sun rays shining through trees, Kent

Having a bit of a play trying to capture the sunlight shining through trees – Ide Hill, September 2023.




Photo by Jane Mucklow, white roses, against a pale blue sky, Standen NT East Grinstead

Photo by Jane Mucklow, pink hydrangea petals against dark green leaves, Standen NT East Grinstead

Another contrasting pair: white roses and pink hydrangeas.  Having fun photographing in the gardens at Standen National Trust house when I was there for a craft fair – Standen, East Grinstead, September 2023.




Photo by Jane Mucklow, Autumn beech trees, Shoreham, Kent, a tall tree with a scattering of yellow leaves remaining, shining in the sun

I still photographed a fair few Autumn trees and leaves this year, and here are some yellow and red leaves remaining on a tall beech tree – Shoreham, Kent, November 2023.




Photo by Jane Mucklow, Otford pond, late afternoon sunlight and a few Autumn leaves on the trees, with reflections in the pond

Late Autumn tree reflections in Otford pond, with late afternoon sunshine – Otford, November 2023




Photo by Jane Mucklow, oast houses in mist at sunrise, near Shoreham, Kent, cone tops and weather vane horses just visible through the yellow mist

Oast house tops, roof and trees just visible through a misty sunrise – Filston Oasts, Shoreham, Kent, December 2023



Favourite Photos of the Year – 2023

Well there we go, a quick (ish!) tour of a few of my favourite photos from this year.  As usual, mostly local to me here in Otford, near Sevenoaks, Kent.  And as in the past, it’s been really nice to take some time to have a look back through the year and realise that I took quite a few photos that I still love.   Let me know which your favourite is! I think mine is the one I’ve chosen for the blog title image, the ICM of Poole Harbour – not a local one I know, but I love the colours and mood, and it sums up my photography this year for me.

I seem to have found more time to photograph in the Spring and Autumn than the summer again – as I said at the start I will be trying to photograph more next year.  I’ve had fun trying some more ICM images when I’ve thought about it – the blurry ones due to ‘intentional camera movement’ that I learnt last year. 

I took part in South East Open Studios again this year, and displayed a collection of pairs of images for my mini exhibition along my hallway, of an ICM photo above it’s corresponding ‘normal’ photo (I meant to do a blog to show them here too, I will try and do that soon and link it here!).

I’ve run a couple more photography workshops at my local country park at Lullingstone this year, which were great, with several attendees wanting more.  I still want to organise more photography walks for them, but the weather at weekends all this Autumn whenever I’ve been free to go out, has been awful!  So again I hope to keep organising more of those through 2024.  Let me know if you’re interested in joining us! 



Prints & Puzzles, Cards & Calendars

If you’d like any as a framed print or canvas for your wall, so you can enjoy one all year round, then do let me know, I can do that for you of any of them. 

Or likewise as greetings cards, some of these will make their way into my card collection I expect, but I can make any for you specially, again just let me know.  (And a few of the local views will probably make their way in to next year’s calendars!) 

My jigsaw puzzles have again continued to expand by several more designs over this year, and they’ve all sold really well in the run up to Christmas which was brilliant.  

Do browse what is currently available on my website: Puzzles, Photo Wall Art, Greetings Cards.



Thoughts on my business this year…

Thank you so much for all your support again this year, I really appreciate all your likes and comments on social media, opens of emails, visits to craft fairs, and of course sales!  

I wrote in last year’s review that I haven’t added new photos to my website for a while, and I think I need to have another sort out, tidy up and add some to the website again now!  

And next year…

I’m feeling excited about taking more photos!  I have been working on a personal project that I hope to share more with you soon – my plan is to have that done by the end of the summer.  As I’ve said just above, I hope to organise more photo walks this year.  And it’ll be lots of planning work, but I’m also looking forward to leading a beginners photography group for the West Kent Mind charity this year 🙂 



A final Thank You

Whether you’ve been an online customer, craft fair or farmer’s market visitor, blog reader, course taker, or follower on Instagram or Facebook, it is all very much appreciated.  Here’s to another year in 2024 of more beautiful photographs that I love taking and you love seeing! 

Do keep in touch on my Instagram or Facebook pages, or via my newsletter (which I try to send monthly but is actually only a few times a year!) for new photos, relevant news, and details of events I’ll be at – Notes from the Landscape.  Or there’s a separate email list if you’re interested in joining me for any photography walks – join it here.


Jane  x


PS If you fancy looking back at past blogs of favourite years, here are the last few: 2022 – favourite 2022 photos, 2020 – favourite 2020 photos, and 2019 – favourite 2019 photos 🙂

Photos of the year – 2023

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