Favourite Photos of 2022 + Review of the Year

I didn’t get around to putting this blog together for 2021, but I love looking back at these so I am determined to get back in the habit!  So I’ve been through my photos, including some of the many that I haven’t sorted and edited yet, and found a few favourites to show you.   I hope you enjoy seeing them collected together too 🙂   


To remind future me, 2022 was the year of the government insisting Covid was over, shielding ended, and my husband had to go back to the office from the end of January, although in reality it was not at all, just no more lockdowns or small business support.  At the end of a long year, it feels like it must be so much longer ago than just one year since all that, but we have had a covid-free Christmas, despite it still being around. 

2022 was the year we went to the caravan in Cornwall at Easter and had a fortnight camping at Croyde in Devon in the summer.  It was the year of The Killers (delayed by 2 years), and of Coldplay.  It was the year of Child 3’s 11+, and Child 1’s choosing A-Levels/sixth form schools.  It was the year I was really ill for the first half, and much better for the second half.  We had a long heatwave in the summer, and a wet then very cold winter.  It was the year of 3 Prime Ministers, the energy crisis and the cost of living crisis.  It was the year the Queen had her Platinum Jubilee in the summer, and then died in the Autumn.  It was the year we lost my aunt, and thought we’d lose my dad.  

It was the year of taking lots of photos, and experimenting a bit more with photography as part of the landscape course I took.  It was the year of my first photography exhibition.  It was the year of two brilliantly busy village fetes, in the summer and the first Christmas one, where I sold lots of puzzles and calendars 🙂


Winter 2022:


Photo by Jane Mucklow of a misty morning view across the valley from Otford towards Seal and Sevenoaks, in the Otford 2023 Calendar

From a misty morning in early January, looking back across the valley from the end of Otford – spot the trees at the end of our road before they had a big chop!  – View from Otford to Seal, Kent, January 2022.




Photo by Jane Mucklow of cow parsley covered in frost against a dark background


Photo by Jane Mucklow of nettles covered in frost against a dark background and with sunshine sparkling

I had a lovely morning in January photographing lots of frost covered plants and grass, but here are two favourites – Cow parsley above, and nettles below, Otford, Kent, January 2022.




Photo by Jane Mucklow of a sunrise view from Star Hill, Sevenoaks, on a frosty misty morning


Photo by Jane Mucklow using ICM of tree reflections in Chipstead Lake, Sevenoaks

There’s something very magical about watching a sunrise, though I don’t manage to get up to do it very often!  There was a lovely one this January though with a misty, frosty morning, that I photographed from Star Hill over Sevenoaks, above.  Then another favourite from that morning is this one trying out ICM of tree reflections just after the sunrise, at Chipstead Lake – January 2022.




Photo by Jane Mucklow of the full moon setting over a frosty sunrise fields and hills, Sevenoaks Kent


Photo by Jane Mucklow of cows under an oak tree on a frosty sunrise morning, Otford Kent

I’m still on January!!  But another frosty sunrise morning gave me some more favourite photo opportunities, including these two of the moon setting over the hills, and cows under an oak tree, both from Otford – January 2022.



Photo by Jane Mucklow of pink early blossom against a white sky


Photo by Jane Mucklow of white early blossom against a dark background

February, and I found some early blossom, I love blossom! – Top, Otford, and bottom, Sevenoaks, February 2022.


Montage of 3 photos by Jane Mucklow of bluetits

In March we had blue tits back in the garden again, but only briefly this time sadly…  – Blue tits, March 2022.



Spring 2022:

Photo by Jane Mucklow of the beach at Chapel Porth, Cornwall, with blue sky and sand

Sunshine and blue skies in Cornwall at Easter – Chapel Porth Beach, Cornwall, April 2022



Montage of 3 photos by Jane Mucklow of Cornwall

More Cornwall: view to the Camel Estuary at Padstow, Padstow Harbour, and sea pinks at Bedruthen Steps – Cornwall, April 2022




Photo by Jane Mucklow of bluebells in the sunshine, Kent

Bluebells and sunshine – near Maidstone, Kent, April 2022




Photo by Jane Mucklow of a mass of tall thin tree trunks and lots of backlit leaves


Montage of 3 photos by Jane Mucklow of ICM trees

Still loving trees.  And another set of 3 to show you some more playing with ICM (Intentional Camera Movement), capturing trees – Near Plaxtol, Kent, May 2022. 




Photo by Jane Mucklow of a daisy against some sunlit greeny brown grass


Photo by Jane Mucklow of some grasses backlit by the setting sun and lovely orange light

Adored finding this gorgeous evening light – daisy and grasses at sunset, Preston Farm Country Park, Kent, June 2022.





Photo by Jane Mucklow of misty poppies, near Rochester Kent

I met a friend to photograph poppies one damp June morning, and love the colours in this one – Ranscombe Farm Park, Kent, June 2022.





Photo by Jane Mucklow of a rain covered poppy and bee in the Offham Jubilee flower meadow, Kent


Photo by Jane Mucklow using ICM of poppies and cornflowers, Offham Kent

I stopped at the Jubilee wildflower meadow at Offham on the way back, and spent time capturing the bees, then a few ICM images of all the colour – Offham, Kent, June 2022.



Summer 2022:

Photo by Jane Mucklow of a lavender field, close up of the rows, in Shoreham Kent

Lovely lavender!  – Castle Farm, Shoreham, Kent, July 2022.




Photo by Jane Mucklow of a tree and heather and the view across the top of Exmoor, Devon

Heather and lone tree, top of Exmoor – Devon, August 2022.



Autumn 2022:


Photo by Jane Mucklow of geese flying over Otford village and fields with autumn trees

Autumnal view back across the village to the Otford hills, with the geese flying overhead (a regular sight here!) and remains of the morning mist – Otford, October 2022.




Photo by Jane Mucklow of tree reflections and raindrops in the River Darent at Lullingstone Kent, in black and white

A rare black and white image, of raindrops and reflections of trees in the River Darent – Lullingstone, Kent, October 2022.




Photo montage of 3 images by Jane Mucklow of a hovering kestrel above Shoreham Kent

And something else a little different, photos of a hovering kestrel (I think, from what I’ve googled!) that I had a few moments of joy watching – above Shoreham, Kent, November 2022.




Photo by Jane Mucklow of autumn leaves in the fog, Kent


Photo by Jane Mucklow of autumn leaves against a dark wood, Kent


Photo by Jane Mucklow of autumn trees with the sun shining through them, Tonbridge Kent

A set of three different Autumn leaves photos from a beautiful foggy afternoon, I loved lots of the photos I took that afternoon, especially when the sun came out briefly – near Tonbridge, Kent, November 2022.




Photo by Jane Mucklow of autumn trees and reflections in the flooded water in Tonbridge Park, Kent

Autumn tree reflections in flooded Tonbridge Park – November 2022




Photo by Jane Mucklow of frosty autumn leaves, looking up at a tree

We had a really heavy frost one morning in December, which was very cold but lovely to be out photographing: Autumn leaves, village green – Otford, Kent, December 2022




Photo by Jane Mucklow of autumn leaves in the snow, Otford Kent

And the following day we had some gorgeous snow to get out and photograph too! Autumn leaves, snowy sunrise – Otford, Kent, December 2022.




Photo by Jane Mucklow of a big old oak tree in Otford Kent with a bit of snow in the foreground

Big old oak, in the snow – Otford, Kent, December 2022.




Photo by Jane Mucklow of a winter sunset sky and clouds

Winter sunset sky – Kent, December 2022.



Photo by Jane Mucklow of a misty sunset field and oak tree with a view up to hills and snow in the foreground

Winter sunset, misty and snowy sheep field – Otford, Kent, December 2022.


Favourite Photos of the Year – 2022

Well there we go, a quick (ish!) tour of a few of my favourite photos from this year.  As usual, mostly local to me here in Otford, near Sevenoaks, Kent.  And as in the past, it’s been really nice to take some time to have a look back through the year and realise that I took quite a few photos that I still love.   Let me know which your favourite is! 

I seem to have been more drawn to photographing leaves and trees this year as well as flowers.  And there’s lots more Autumnal and Wintry images in this selection than summery ones!


I really enjoyed taking a landscape photography course September 2021 to July 2022, it really helped me get out and take lots of photos of different things, try and find a bit more of my own style rather than just photographing for calendar and card images, and to experiment a bit more.  I loved trying out ICM – the blurry photos due to ‘intentional camera movement’, something I’d never really tried before.  And I loved the workshop on cyanotype photography – making photos using chemicals and sunlight, I will be doing more of those too.

I’ve run a couple more photography workshops at my local country park at Lullingstone this year, which were great, with several attendees wanting more.  So I’ve taken some of them out on our own photography walk, and hope to keep organising more of those through 2023.  Let me know if you’re interested in joining us! 


And I held a couple of exhibitions this year too…  I took part in South East Open Studios again (SEOS) over two weeks in June.  I put up a mini exhibition of 14 prints along the hall, of photos of frost, mist and sunlight, all taken in January 2022, including the first three in this blog, in addition to my display prints and canvases, and stock for my fairs and markets.  I didn’t get as many visitors as I hoped for the year after two years of Covid, but I sold to most of my visitors which that was fantastic. 

That was followed a month later, with an exhibition at Trinity Church Gallery in Tunbridge Wells, with three other members of the photography course I took.  It took me a lot of dithering and choosing to narrow down a theme, and then select images to go with that, for my display, but I ended up loving the ones I chose!  I had seven pairs of images, hung above and below each other, showing details of nature that maybe you wouldn’t otherwise notice, in the patterns, textures, colours and light, all taken since I started the course.  It was a great experience taking part in a proper exhibition, and we even had an opening night private view! 

My plan was to write a blog to share them here too, and I will still try and do that for each shortly 🙂 



Prints, Puzzles, Cards & Calendars

If you’d like any as a framed print or canvas for your wall, so you can enjoy one all year round, then do let me know, I can do that for you of any of them. 

Or likewise as greetings cards, some of these will make their way into my card collection I expect, but I can make any for you specially, again just let me know.  (And a few of the local views will probably make their way in to next year’s calendars!) 

My jigsaw puzzles have expanded by several more designs over this year, and they’ve all sold really well in the run up to Christmas, leaving me with only a couple of each of the Snowy Stile, and Tonbridge Castle.  I’ll have to gradually restock over the next few months but let me know if you’re waiting for any specific puzzles.

Do browse what is currently available on my website: Photo Wall Art, Greetings Cards.



Thoughts on my business this year

Thank you so much for all your support this year. 

It has been good to get back to craft fairs again, though a strange year for visitor numbers apart from my village’s first Christmas fair where I was fantastically busy!  Sales were also slow in the local shops I stock with my cards and calendars this year too, especially in the few weeks before Christmas which are usually the busiest, mainly I think due to all the postal strikes.

I haven’t added new photos to my website for a while, so that is a job I’ve added to the list for January!  



And Thank You

Whether you’ve been an online customer, craft fair or farmer’s market visitor, blog reader, course taker, or follower on Instagram or Facebook, it is all very much appreciated.  Here’s to another year in 2023 of more beautiful photographs that I love taking and you love seeing! 

Do keep in touch on my Instagram or Facebook pages, or via my newsletter (which I try to send monthly!) for new photos, relevant news, and details of events I’ll be at – Notes from the Landscape.


Jane  🙂 x


PS If you fancy looking back at past blogs of favourite years, here are a couple more: 2020 – favourite 2020 photos, and 2019 – favourite 2019 photos 🙂 

Photos of the Year – 2022

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