Ordinary to Awesome – The Beginners Online Photography Course


Learn how to improve your photos, with my online photography course.  For anyone with access to a smartphone, tablet, or any kind of camera; for children, teens, families, and any beginners.

One price per family/household, for you all to learn together, and you can all take your photos from looking merely Ordinary, to eye-catchingly Awesome. 

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“I really enjoyed it!  I recommend it to everyone!” – 10 year old


Worrying what to do with the children to keep them entertained?

Creative kids who need something to do? (that won’t make a mess?!)

Bored teens who love their phones?  Who’d love to take better selfies or fabulous photos for social media?

Bored tweens who’d be keen to know how to use their new phone camera properly to take pretty pictures?

How about you, would you like to be able to improve your photos for when you can get out and about again, and be able to take better photos of the children?

Why not all learn something fun together whilst you’re stuck at home?


I can help with all of that!


With a week of daily lessons, and five weeks of daily photography prompts and projects, plus ongoing support, feedback and extra tips, all with photography projects you can do around the house and garden. 

I can help you to improve your photos. 

I can help your children build their photography skills at home, and develop a passion for photography like I’ve always had. 

I can help you entertain the children with something different to do. 

I can teach you the technical skills and creative composition knowledge, to give you all the confidence to take fabulous photos.

No fancy camera needed, all just using your phone, or any tablet camera, ‘point and shoot’ camera, or any camera on Auto.


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“It was really interesting, and a cool thing to do whilst in lockdown” – 12 year old


Learn how to improve your photography skills with my online photography course for families or any beginner:


Ordinary to Awesome!


One week of daily PDF lessons emailed to you


Five weeks of daily photo prompts and projects to help you and the children practice your new skills


Ongoing access to Jane’s Camera Club, a closed facebook group for more easy to follow tips, support, and share your photos for feedback  


One single price for you all (one family/household)



Learn to create, shoot and edit a whole range of photos, (all at home or in the garden if you’re still in lockdown), using any phone camera, tablet, point and shoot camera or any camera on Auto.  

Learn all about how photography works, and uses light, phone settings to use, the importance of composition, and how to edit for even better photos.

Plus tips for all sorts of photography you might need: selfies and portraits, street and travel, landscapes and lifestyle, flatlays and flowers, and more. 

Start the course on any day, and follow the lessons in your own time, with support in the facebook group.



Step 1: BUY NOW!

Step 2: Follow the link from the Shop Page to sign up to the course emails too.



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“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned a lot, especially features and settings on my phone that I never knew about.  Jane’s instruction was very clear and easy to follow…  I now consider things such as light and alignment when taking photos, not just point and shoot and hope for the best!  I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to take better photos whether it’s for business or pleasure.  Thank you Jane” – Sarah Howard, Reflexology, Therapeutic Massage, aromatherapy products  (Sarah took my similar photography course for business owners)


“Thoroughly enjoyed Jane’s photography course my skills were severely lacking …  Jane gave so many tips that really made a difference, including functions I didn’t know were available on my mobile camera.  Positioning and lighting make such a difference for a start and the slider function is now in use.  Information is given in bite size chunks so anyone can keep up… Such a plus for personal shots too, I am no longer ashamed of my efforts!  Thanks Jane, it was great” – Clare Summerton, Forever Living aloe vera products (Clare took my similar photography course for business owners)


The course covers an introduction to how photography and cameras work, an introduction to exposure and light, settings to use on your phones or tablets, lots of composition techniques to improve the look of your photos, specific tips for taking better selfies/portraits & pet photos, photographing objects/things in your house, and lots of other genres and styles of photography. And editing your photos on your phone/tablet/camera for fun or to improve them further.  Plus daily photo prompts for taking photos around the house and garden to practice.  See FAQs below for more detail.



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How will we learn to take better photos? What’s involved in the course?

A week of daily PDFs sent to you via email, and five more weeks of daily photo prompts and projects to keep you practicing.  Plus ongoing access to a closed facebook group – Jane’s Camera’ Club – where you can ask questions, share photos, and get feedback.  

Day 1:  An introduction to photography and exposure.  What makes a good photo, brief history of photography, how photography and a camera works, what exposure is all about.

Day 2:  Taking photos.  Phone and tablet camera settings to find and use, and the best way to take photos on your phone, tablet and camera.

Day 3:  An introduction to light.  Types of light, having enough light, balancing light, and using flash.

Day 4:  An introduction to composition.  Using various composition rules and techniques to create interesting and eye-catching photographs. Introduction, general guidelines, different points of view, the Rule of Thirds, using lines in your composition.

Day 5:  More about composing photos.  Framing and how to frame your photo, using foreground interest, using colour, black and white photos, using patterns and repetition, reflections and symmetry.

Day 6:  More tips for different kinds of photos, different styles and genres of photography.  Selfies, portraits and pets; landscapes; photographing objects with different styles – portraits, flatlays, lifestyle/still life, close ups; other forms and genres of photography.

Day 7:   Editing photos on your phone/tablet/camera/computer.  Improving your photographs with some editing techniques, and using filters.

Plus five further weeks of daily photo prompts and projects to keep you learning, practicing, experimenting and enjoying photography with.  Now you know all about how to take a good photo, practice on these daily challenges and share them in the group to see who can be most creative! 

Plus you can all use the closed facebook group to ask me any questions, get support and feedback.



Is this a new course?

Yes it is new this year – 2020.  I’ve been teaching photography to business owners for over a year, and was about to start teaching in-person landscape photography workshop before lockdown happened.  And so I’ve put together this course, to help give you something fun and different to do with your children whilst you are at home with them over the next few weeks, that isn’t their school work/watching television/playing on the computer!  I know I will need some new ideas for my children!  So let’s get through this together.



Who’s going to be teaching you all this?!

Branding headshot photo of Jane Mucklow by Manjit Sohal


Hello!  I’m Jane, a landscape and branding photographer based in Kent, UK.  I have been taking photos since I was at least seven, when my favourite birthday present was my first camera!  My first proper job was in a picture library, selling photographs – but I soon realised that I wanted to be the one taking them, so I found some evening classes and got learning properly. 

Then followed nearly a decade of photographing for other companies, before children, and redundancy, led me to starting my own photography business.  That was over six years ago now!  I sell my local landscape photos as prints, cards and calendars, and I photograph other business owners for their websites and social media. 

And I’ve also discovered that I love teaching photography too!  So let’s have fun sorting out and super-charging your photos! 



Who is the course for?

The course is for anyone who can use a phone, tablet or camera to take photos.  I will send a set of information each day, suitable for children and to start any beginner off with.  I’m thinking age 9-10+, but younger children can also join in and practice taking photos on their tablets or any point and shoot camera with a bit of guidance from you (my 7 year old has followed it really well with me reading it to him).  Tweens and teens can be left to complete it by themselves if you need the time for something else!  Any adult beginner can also follow the course too – maybe without needing to do the games aimed at children, but feel free to do them too!


How long does the course take?

The PDF lessons will be emailed to you daily over the first week of you signing up, followed by five more weekly emails with daily prompts and projects to do.  You’ll also have ongoing access to a closed facebook group where you can share photos for feedback, and ask any questions you have.  You can do a bit each day of the lessons, or save them up and read them all at once.  Each lesson will take maybe 15-30 minutes of reading the information, and then 15-30 minutes of practicing and doing the daily task.  Then the daily photo prompts after that can take anywhere from ten+ minutes, depending on how much time you have, how much practice you do, and how creative you are with them.



Do I have to finish it in the six weeks?

The course is designed to be looked at daily, but you don’t need to.  You’ll still have access to the pdfs and emails, so you can keep referring back to all the info, and ongoing access to the closed facebook group whilst it still exists, to ask me any questions.  



How much does it cost?

It costs just £97.00, which will give the whole family access to use the material, and access the facebook group for those old enough.  You will be able to download the PDFs to keep and refer back to.   You get 7 days of emailed lessons, five more weeks of daily tasks/photo prompts to get you practicing and have fun taking different kinds of photos around your home, and ongoing support in the facebook group.



Can you teach us?

Safety wise, the course is emailed to you and I won’t have direct access to your children.  For older children with access to Facebook, I’ll only accept them into the closed Facebook group for course members if you let me know they have permission, otherwise I suggest you share their photos for feedback.

For info and your piece of mind, I have three children of my own who I have also taught to take photos!  They are currently 7, 10 and 12. Although the course is online and I won’t be interacting with your children, it may also help you to know that I am DBS checked through Girlguiding, as I help to run my local Guide unit (10-15 year olds) – I have taught them to take photos in the past too!  (This course will in fact more than cover the info needed for any of your Guide daughters to be able to do the new Photography badge).  I am also DBS checked through Kent County Council, in order to be a chaperone for my children’s dancing school.  I am up to date with ‘Safe Space’ training for both too. 

I am not a qualified teacher (just the daughter of one!), but I have been teaching online for some time in my facebook group for business owners, and through my online photography course for them too.  I’m not a waffler, and the course is packed full of information for you!



My children don’t have phones yet, can they still take part?

Yes – if they can use a tablet with a camera in it, or you have any point and shoot camera in the house that they could use, or if you’re willing to let them practice on your phone for a bit each day!  The skills and techniques I will be teaching are transferable to any kind of camera, apart from a small section specifically on using camera settings on a phone or maybe on a tablet.  I won’t be covering how to use the various settings on SLR / big / ‘proper’ cameras as this is a beginners course, but again all the skills and techniques can be used with those, on the automatic setting.

Can we do this course during lock-down / isolation / at home?

Yes, that’s the whole idea!  It’s something different and fun to do at home.  The photo prompts will all be utilising items around the house,  with a few in your garden/outdoor space or on a local walk.  You don’t need to be going out somewhere exciting every day!



I know how to take photos, I’d just like some ideas of what to photograph at home, or to get my children to photograph…

Then sign up to get my photography Prompts & Projects emails – five weekly emails with daily ideas of things to take photographs of, plus you get ongoing access to Jane’s Camera Club, my private facebook group where you can share your photos (and your children’s photos if you wish, if they’re following the prompts too), and get feedback, support, and I can answer any questions you have in there too.  This is just a one-off fee of £27.00, for you and your family/household to take part.  If you prefer this option, buy here!



Any other questions?  Send me an email and let me know – janemucklowphotography@gmail.com



Ready to enjoy learning something new?   Sign up and start the course at any time. 


Step 2: Follow the link from the shop page to sign up to the course emails too.




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