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View looking up along the River Darent at Eynsford, winter trees and frost on the far side, photo by Jane Mucklow Photography

River Darent, Eynsford, winter morning




View along the Pantiles, showing the curve of the pillars, colour photo by Jane Mucklow Photography

The Pantiles, winter morning




Photo of Castle Farm, Shoreham, Kent, by Jane Mucklow, after sunset colours and backlit grasses.

After sunset, lavender farm, Shoreham, Kent




Early morning view across the Vine Cricket Ground to Sevenoaks, the sun lighting up the only remaining oak tree, photo by Jane Mucklow Photography

Sevenoaks Vine, frosty morning




Sun rising through the willow tree at Otford duck pond, St. Bart's beyond the pond, photo by Jane Mucklow Photography

Otford Pond, winter sunrise




View across the lavender fields, fence in the foreground, blue sky above, photo by Jane Mucklow Photography

Lavender Farm in Summer




Farmer and trailer, followed by a line of sheep and lambs, frosty sunrise view across the fields between Sevenoaks and Otford, photo by Jane Mucklow Photography

Moving Sheep




Sun shining through the trees onto the flowers on Cannon Lawn, Tonbridge Castle, photo by Jane Mucklow Photography

Tonbridge Castle, sunlight and flowers




View across dewy and misty fields and trees, green grass and blue sky, photo by Jane Mucklow Photography

Seal Misty Morning





Photograph of a lavender farm at sunset by Jane Mucklow

Lavender Farm at Sunset




Colour photo of the bridge at Shoreham, Kent over the River Darenth, by Jane Mucklow

Shoreham Bridge, summer reflections




Photograph of Knole House and deer on a misty morning by Jane Mucklow

Knole, Misty Morning







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