How To Get Your Children Interested In Photography


Do you wish your children shared your passion for photography?  Or would you just like them to try something creative without making a mess?  Either way, here are my five tips to help you get your children, of whatever age, interested in taking photos.

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Have you discovered the joy and creativity of photography?  Help your children (or you too!) to get into photography with these simple tips.  Photography is after all one of the easiest hobbies to take up.  Children these days are used to using digital devices, it can be done pretty much anywhere, and isn’t necessarily very expensive either. 

Then once they’ve got the bug, you can go on to teach them a little more about improving their photos, or take a course together like Ordinary to Awesome.



1. Camera

It may seem a little obvious, but get them their own camera.  It saves them dropping and knocking your expensive DSLR, or you having to hand over your trusty mobile phone.  Mobile phone cameras these days are very good though.  So teens can use the camera on their mobiles until they really get into photography and bug you for a better camera.  If they are younger and have their own tablet, they can use the camera on that.  Or you could try a child’s camera that is more robust.  Or there’s your old ‘point and shoot’ camera they could use, find them one on ebay, or even buy a cheap new point and shoot.  A camera of their own will help ignite their interest in using it.



2. Projects

Make it fun!  Set them projects to photograph rather than trying to teach them all about exposure or the Rule of Thirds straight away, especially if they are younger children.  Try things like ‘find and photograph ten blue objects/favourite toys/different flowers/bugs/emotions’, depending on their age.  There are some more ideas at the end of the blog for you.

Photo of a child taking a photo by Jane Mucklow Photography for blog on how to get children interested in photography


3. Praise

Don’t over-criticize their work.  Photography is all about experimenting and enjoying the journey, trying to get better along the way.  In the same way, don’t compare their work with yours, focus on helping them have fun.  Praise the photos they take, with occasional gentle suggestions of ways to improve.


4. Keep photographing

Take their cameras out with you wherever you go.  The more they take photos, the more they will improve.  And they can’t if their camera is at home!  Engage their attention and interest by looking for something unusual or colourful or as part of a project, whenever you go out for a walk, or wherever you’re going.


Photograph of a boy taking a photo in a sheep field, by Jane Mucklow Photography


5. Print & Share

Do something with their photos, to show it is worth it.  Older children can share on social media and show off their photos to their friends.  But younger ones can show their photos to friends and family if you can print a few out, or connect the camera to the computer or television to create a slideshow of their efforts.  Printing and framing a few for their bedrooms will help encourage them to keep going too.



I hope you find these tips useful, to help your children get interested in photography.  I have loved taking photos since I was little.   My parents have a photo of me on my 7th birthday grinning with my favourite present – my new camera! 

Photograph of Jane Mucklow Photography

I’ve been a professional photographer for decades.  I now take landscape photos for my business, selling them as prints, cards and calendars, and I take branding photos for other business owners. 

And I have discovered that I love teaching photography too, and being able to pass on my passion for taking photos to others.  Which led me to creating my online photography course for children/teens/families/beginners, helping you take your photos from Ordinary to Awesome!  It has helped me teach my 3 children with more focus.   If you and/or your children are ready to learn a little more about the practicalities and techniques of taking amazing photos, read more about the course here: Ordinary to Awesome online photography course


And if you’d like my pdf of 10 fun photography projects you can do with your children, you can download it here: 

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How to get your children interested in photography

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