Photograph of a pink dahlia by Jane Mucklow, Fabulous Flowers page header image

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Photograph of a pink sweet pea flower covered in raindrops, on a black background, by Jane Mucklow Photography

Sweet Pea and Raindrops


Black and white photograph of snowdrops by Jane Mucklow



Photograph of purple salvia blooms on a green background, side lit by late afternoon sunshine, by Jane Mucklow,

Purple Salvia


Photograph of a pink rose, with early morning dewdrops, by Jane Mucklow

Pink Rose and dewdrops


Photograph of a stalk of lavender, side lit by late afternoon sun, by Jane Mucklow Photography

Lavender, afternoon sun


Photograph of a red knautia flower, covered in white frost, on a pale green (out of focus frosty grass) background, by Jane Mucklow

Frosty Knautia


Photograph of frosty autumn leaves by Jane Mucklow

Frosty Leaves


Hellebore in yellows, browns and greens, lit by the sun, photo by Jane Mucklow



Photograph of yellow and grey pussy willow, on an out of focus yellow and grey background, by Jane Mucklow

Pussy willow


Photograph of purple french lavender on a green background, by Jane Mucklow Photography

French Lavender


I have many more flower photographs, so if you would like to see any specific plant, just let me know.  Lots are available as greetings cards too.  




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