Do I really need branding photos for my business?


The quick answer: Yes you do!  Branding photos, professional photographs of you, that really capture you, your personality, your brand, what you do and who you are, will be a huge asset for your business, helping you to build your brand and find more customers or clients.

(I know this is my Landscape photography website, but this is what I also do!  So read on if you also have your own business, and would like to see what the other half of mine is all about…)

Three examples of branding photos of Marie, Beyond the Kitchen Table

So what are branding photos?

Brand photography, personal branding photos, or business branding photos, are photographs of you and your business that really show your personality and tell your story, to connect with your customers/clients so they can get to know you and want to buy from you.  They can show why you are different from your competitors, and help you stand out from the crowd. They should be a cohesive part of your brand, showing the image you want to project, helping make you more recognisable, building your brand presence, and growing your visibility.  They are a set of photos that capture who you are and what you do, that represent your business and align with your brand, fitting in with your visual identity through their style, colours, props, location, mood. 

I love to do a mixture of both these types of branding photos: more ‘lifestyle’ ones that show the real you, and behind the scenes of your life, to build your personal brand, and ones that show what you do and how you work in your business too.  I can do either in a shoot, or both.  I think that both types of photos are really useful for your customers to get to know you and what you do, both posed for the camera, and unposed whilst you work.


Why do I need them?

Branding photos are a really important part of your visual brand, helping to set the tone of your business, appealing to your ideal clients / customers, and adding a consistent visual style to your brand.

You need professional photos of you, so that your business looks professional – both headshots and a range of brand photos. 

Adding your personality into your brand, through your brand photography, sharing what you’re really like, sharing your story and a bit of your life (it doesn’t have to be everything!) will really help your business to grow.  People buy from people after all: they want to buy from someone they can get to know, like and trust, rather than a faceless business.  So seeing photos of you online really helps your customers / clients to get to know and like you, and to begin to trust you and want to buy from you.   


What will I use the photos for?

Use them everywhere!  They will be perfect for adding to your website, all over your social media feeds, and in blogs, emails, facebook headers, sending off in PR and client pitches, and any other marketing that you do.  Anywhere where it will help your clients to get to know you, see the real you, see the person behind the business, see what you’re like and whether they’d like to work with you / buy from you.

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Blog picture for Pinterest, photo by Jane Mucklow of Marie Brown Beyond the Kitchen Table


But I don’t like having my photograph taken!

Haha, really, you don’t need to worry about that.  Find a photographer that you can get to know, who you like, and who knows what they are doing.  If you choose me, you’ll find me relaxed, normal, calm, and friendly, and I will make you feel at ease.  Plus I know how to gently pose you so that we create some gorgeous photos of you that you will love, and love to share too.  I have plenty more tips to share that will help you to feel more prepared, and more confident in front of the camera too, including those in my download link at the end of this blog.

You don’t need to worry about not looking perfect in your photos either – perfection may well even put off potential clients.  They want to see that you are friendly and approachable, and someone that they’d like to work with.  Even if that someone has a double chin (which I can reduce the effect of when posing you by the way!) or some other feature that you don’t like – they most likely won’t even notice it.


I’ve already got headshots, do I really need branding photos too?

Professional branding photos aren’t ones that you can capture yourself, and they show so much more than a mere headshot!  They will generally show more of you than just your head and shoulders, including your work space or your environment.  They can capture so much more than a headshot: your personality will shine through them, whether you’re being posed or photographed whilst you work, and they will be such a useful addition to your headshots for using everywhere throughout your business.


My husband / friend takes some ok photos of me, surely that’s good enough?

Well it might be, if they really are a good photographer, understand the point of them, and are happy to do exactly what you want them to.  But a professional really will know what to do, how to get the best from you, their professional equipment, and the lighting and location conditions.  They will use their experience and training to really capture the real you, and your brand, to provide you with a cohesive set of images that you will really love.  They will edit the photos too so that they are the right size and quality for you to use.  It will be worth it!


Three examples of branding photos of Marie, Beyond the Kitchen Table by Jane Mucklow

How much does it cost?

Fees will vary between photographers, depending on their experience and the clients they want to get.  It is an investment for your business, but one that is essential to do at some point, so why not now?  It will pay you dividends, because the fabulous photos that you get from it will really help to build your brand, set the tone of your business, and capture the attention of your potential customers when they are scrolling their social media feeds so they stop and read your posts.


So, do you really need branding photos for your business?  Have I convinced you how essential they are?!  

I have three different packages, depending on your needs, from a one-off session to recurring seasonal shoots where we can really get to know each other – the more you are in front of the camera, the more you will relax and feel more comfortable posing, plus the more I can get to know you and your business and what sort of images we need to get.  The Double session and the Seasonal package both include a colour analysis makeover and headshot photography session, so that you will find out exactly which colours to wear that will really suit you – and make your photos even more amazing and worthwhile.  Or the one-off session will still let us create a whole set of photos to start you off with and to start to get to know each other.

Have a look at my Branding Photography website for more info and prices, and let me know if you’d like a chat about the sort of photos you’d like and see whether we get along – I’d love to photograph you if we do!


Download my tips for planning and getting the best from your branding photo shoot, and I look forward to hearing from you:

Branding newsletter banner image for Jane Mucklow Photography


The photos used in this blog post are all of Marie Brown, owner of Beyond the Kitchen Table, taken at a recent workshop that she ran.  With grateful thanks for her fantastic review of my work today, along with reasons to have branding photos taken – and the inspiration to get on and write this blog post!

They show her in action, running a workshop, enjoying what she does, and her clients having fun too.  They help her potential clients to get the impression she wants them to get, they will relate to her and want to work with her.  She may think she needs to lose weight, lose a double chin etc., but we don’t notice that do we: she just looks gorgeous because she’s happy and loving what she’s doing, and we can see that she’d be amazing to work with.

So go on, book your own branding photo shoot. 

In Marie’s words:  “All you need is a smile 🙂 and a Jane. …I really think it is one of the best investments you can make in your business.”


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Do I need branding photos?

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