Decorating with black and white photography

I’ve recently been asked by a couple of customers for some ideas of black and white images for their walls – one for a bedroom, the other for a bathroom – but they would suit any room in your home 😉   There’s a selection of different examples just below, or follow the link at the end to see more.  

Now I usually love colour, but just occasionally one of my photographs really suits a black and white conversion, or when I’m photographing something it does lend itself to black and white instead, so I do have a few to show you all.  In fact at home I have a selection of family photos and landscapes all printed in black and white, all hung together at the top of the stairs with black frames.  

Black and white photograph by Jane Mucklow of a white wild pony, amongst heather, taken in the Shropshire Hills.

Black and white photographs add a timeless classic look to your room, adding character and elegance to your walls, without clashing with the colours used in the room.  Sophisticated and stylish, black and white wall art can be hung in a colourful room as a spot of calm, or to match a monochrome design scheme. 

Black and white photograph of Knole House, Sevenoaks, in the snow, by Jane Mucklow

Black or white frame?  Contrast with the wall colour – use white against a dark wall, and black against a paler wall.  Or go with a canvas print instead where there is no border and frame, but it gives you a chunkier and more modern piece of artwork.

Black and white photography of a rose, by Jane Mucklow


Black and white photograph of Big Ben and Westminster taken at night, by Jane Mucklow


Black and white photograph of a frosty morning at Haysden Lake near Tonbridge, by Jane Mucklow


Photograph of a tree standing on it's own in a snowy landscape, by Jane Mucklow


Black and white photograph of snowdrops by Jane Mucklow


Black and white photograph by Jane Mucklow of a stag in Knole Park, Sevenoaks, standing under a tree


Black and white photograph of the bridge over the river Darenth in Shoreham, Kent, by Jane Mucklow


Black and white photograph of Knole, Sevenoaks, on a misty morning, by Jane Mucklow


Black and white photograph of cherry blossom by Jane Mucklow


Black and white photograph of Stonehenge by Jane Mucklow

So there you have a variety of local landscapes, flowers, and views from further afield, what did you think?  Tempted to add one or more black and white photographs to your walls?

You can see these examples and a few more in a new Black and White Gallery on here, where you can click on one to see purchase details, in a gallery on my Pinterest page  and find out more about my prints and canvases on the Photo Wall Art page.

If you would like some inspiration for decorating with black and white photos in your home, or just like seeing how other people have used them, then check out my pinterest board of black and white photo inspiration with examples of these in other people’s houses.

blog pin post for black and white photos by Jane Mucklow Photography


Black and White Wall Art

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