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Capturing Confidence With Colour


Headshots with a difference: Discover your perfect colours, and improve your online presence, in one easy and enjoyable makeover and photo session.


I work with Amanda Richardson at House of Colour Sevenoaks & Tonbridge, as Capturing Confidence with Colour, photographing clients right after they have their colours analysed, in clothes and makeup that is perfect for them, to get the best headshot and portrait photographs. 

Just think, you’ve just discovered what to wear to make you look younger and healthier, the very best version of you – how happy and confident will you feel in front of the camera now?!  


Capturing Confidence With Colour Options:

1. Make-up, Styling and Headshots – £175.00 (If you already know your colours).

2. Mini Colour Analysis, Make-up, Styling and Headshots – £250.00 (Find out your season colours).

3. Full Colour Analysis, Make-up, Styling and Headshots – £300.00 (Upgrade to find out your wow colours and get your swatches to take away).

NB These options are also available as part of my personal branding photography packages – see the Capture Your Brand page.


Find out more about the benefits of colour analysis, and see before and after examples in my blog post – Capturing Confidence With Colour. 


headshot example photo by Jane Mucklow


headshot example photo by Jane Mucklow


headshot example photo by Jane Mucklow




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