All about me, my inspiration, and my photos…

Photo of Jane Mucklow by Manjit Sohal

Hello, I’m Jane, the photographer, and it’s lovely to meet you!

I thought I would share with you what inspires me, what gets me out of bed in the morning, and the passion that fuels my business…


I love taking – and making – photographs, and I am so proud that occasionally they are beautiful enough for other people to love them too, and maybe even love them enough to hang a print on their wall to enjoy looking at every day.

I am passionate about capturing the beauty I see around me, from big wide landscapes to close-ups of flowers.  I am inspired by all the beautiful countryside all around where I live, the amazing historical buildings in my local towns and villages, the gorgeous flowers in my garden, other gardens, and in the wild.  I especially love that living here in the south east, in the Garden of England, I can often capture flowers in the landscape, with all my local lavender farms, orchards, fields of wild poppies, bluebell woods and more.

I love that I have the freedom to go out on my own occasionally, and for an hour or two forget about the children, the housework, website updating, and all the myriad of other things that need doing, and just take pictures.

I love the search for some amazing light or weather conditions, and for an amazing view, and that moment especially if they come together, and I can combine the two and capture that elusive but absolutely stunning image.

Photograph of a bee on a purple allium flower

If I can’t get out and do that, I’m quite happy just popping into the garden with the camera instead, with my macro lens, and play around trying different shots to add to my flower photography collection.  Or to go out with my family for a wander, visit somewhere new, go on holiday, and take my camera along too in case there’s something to capture with it.  Or to just spend a few hours at the computer editing photographs, seeing what has worked and what hasn’t, and getting the best out of the digital file so that it will make a beautiful print or creating new greetings cards or other products with my images.


Photos for Businesses

There’s another strand to my business now, that I have also come to love, as it has steadily grown over the last few years: photos for other businesses.  I love capturing portraits of other business owners, and their products, and them at work, to provide them with beautiful images to help their businesses grow too.


So there’s a brief introduction to what inspires me; if you are interested in reading more, then try the blog page, under the categories  ‘Me & My Business’ and ‘Musings’.  Do you remember when you got your first camera?  I do!  See the photo in this blog post about the beginning of my photography story, followed by the first few years of my business in this blog post.  


By the way, it is usually either one of my three children waking me up, or the alarm clock, that gets me out of bed in the morning!  But I am always on the look-out for a beautiful sunrise, or the promise of a bright blue sky with white fluffy clouds in the summer / a fall of snow in the winter, so that I can go and find a lovely view to photograph!


And all about my business…

I have been a business since January 2014, though have had my website as a sideline since 2007.  I worked as a photographer for other companies from 2001, until redundancy in 2010.  I gained a 3rd place in the Home Enterprise category at the 2016 Sevenoaks Business Awards, and a Finalist place in the Women in Retail category, and was Runner Up (second place) Mumpreneur of the Year at the 2017 Kent Women in Business awards.  In 2018 I was really happy to gain a Finalist place and a second place at the Independent Business Awards in Kent.

My landscape photographs comprehensively cover the local area around my home in Otford, just outside Sevenoaks (in west Kent), and are continually expanding outwards!  They include the rest of the Sevenoaks District, in and around Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells, with some from other areas of Kent, London and around the South East.  Oh and a big collection from Cornwall as we often holiday there, plus a few from other areas I’ve visited/stayed in.  If there’s any particular view you would like to see added to the collection, please do let me know, whether it’s for you or is just an amazing view I haven’t discovered yet! 


My local landscape photographs are ideal for hanging on your wall so that you have a view of something that actually means something to you, instead of a supermarket bought picture.  Or wherever you are, you may prefer to brighten up your walls with a more arty shot of some beautiful flowers?  Find out more over on the Photo Wall Art page.

My greetings cards help you keep in touch with family and friends, covering a range of subjects and occasions, all blank inside for your own message, and perfect for showing you care with a gorgeous, unique, handcrafted piece of happy post.  Find out more over on the Greetings Card page.

My calendars help you get organised, with beautiful views of local landscapes or flowers, ideal as Christmas gifts and your own kitchen wall!  More on the Calendar page.


I sell via my website shop, but also in several local gift shops and tea rooms, and at a few local craft fairs and markets – see the full listing on the Events page, as I know it’s sometimes preferable to see something in real life first!  Just let me know if you have any queries via the form on that page, email or a facebook message. 


My portraits, headshots, product images and event photography covers my local area in and around Sevenoaks in west Kent, with travel further afield across Kent, London, Surrey and Sussex also possible.

Do sign up to my newsletter to keep in touch, for photography tips, new blog posts, new photos and exclusive offers 🙂  Oh and come over and find me on social media too for news, photos and behind the scenes images – links are on the Contact Me page, or down on the page footer 🙂

Well, you know all about me now, so I’d love to get to know you too – come and say hello at an event, comment on my blog posts, and like and comment on social media (plus it is much appreciated for helping to get my name and page to more people).

Thank you,

Jane x

 Sun shining through trees and bracken of a forest, by Jane Mucklow Photography





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